Geek Initiative Article: “In Defense of Video Games, Part I: Conquering Disabilities”

I wrote an article that was published on Sept. 13, 2016 on Link to the article is here.

…See, my life deteriorated kinda quickly in the early years after college. A long list of depressing diagnoses gained momentum every year and I collected unpronounceable diseases like Pokemon. I left the veterinary career that I worked so hard for and that gave me a strong sense of purpose because I could no longer physically perform. There were no other solutions. I felt abandoned, unworthy and a stranger in a broken form that I couldn’t recognize.

But during the decline was when I found Halo. And despite repeated downfalls on my body’s behalf, I became good at something through repeat performance, strategy and practice. Halo didn’t care about what my body couldn’t perform. I’d sit with multiple swollen joints propped up, Ace-wrapped and iced, but could still soar as a Spartan. Better yet; as I started to improve at Halo, I started to improve in life.  To improve at Halo, I had to analyze why I was failing. As I got better at this type of analysis, I began to apply the same Halo-practiced approaches to my actual life. Through this, I started to regain the control I had lost when my body failed…

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