Alice, the Undying

Alice isn’t slowing down.
Alice is bracing for impact.
…but wait! Wait!
She’s not the un-believer!
The strayest heart
LIVES! And Truly!
Burrowed in that very chest
…yes, but sir! Sir!
You see, she’s witnessed The Equations!
She’s shadowed the Ball of Probability!
And quite clearly,
Almost all of the Distortions
Most -certainly- are not in her favor!
… if you could just! Just!
The potions are dangerous!
One will make it stop,
But will also stop her heart
And one will can end the cycle,
But only with a thousand potion bottles
In between!
…madam! Madam!
If you could give just a moment!
Surely you’d be wise enough to see
Or kind enough to-
… please I’m trying to expl-
… if I could ju-
… no, of cour-
… yes, but i-
… i-
Alice has landed.
Whole access granted.
So hear me between lines
That in this Wonderland mine,
These distortions are distributed
By only those that are inhibited
So take the hand extended
And come away commended
From that rigid dream
Of merely a means
For your escape
With wings to drape
Because here, we do not fall
But at our own pace.


*Previously published on and Emphasis Mine facebook in 2016.

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